Welcome to dragon boat, the ultimate team sport! Picture a group of people working toward a common goal with smoothness and efficiency. Sound familiar? That's right, dragon boat shares many similarities with the workplace!

GWN delivers a unique experience based on your corporate needs. Whether you are looking for skill/confidence development or an experience that will bring your team together to engage in some fun, GWN can make it happen. Dragon boat is inclusive and accommodates all fitness levels, ages, and sizes. Whether you’re the summer intern or the CEO, every paddler in the boat is of equal importance, creating a unique environment for breaking the ice and bringing your team together in a new light. It's also a great way to get to know your clients better, too!

Learning a fresh skill like dragon boating outside of your team’s typical work environment is a fun and cost-effective way to boost productivity at the workplace. You choose the location – GWN will go anywhere in North America to create the ultimate corporate experience, from a one-hour session for 20 people to a full-day event for 4,000. Get on board!

Other employee benefits associated with dragon boat:

  • Breaks down barriers between people, inspiring positive communication as teammates cheer each other on

  • Encourages positive employee mental and physical health through a commitment to fitness 

  • Fosters a collective feeling of pride and accomplishment after teams complete a training session or race

  • Helps to renew energy and creativity, boosting productivity upon returning to the workplace


Mary Pallattella, Capital C
Corporate Day, Toronto, ON, The Boulevard Club

"Capital C was in a time of transition when it approached GWN about creating a custom corporate day experience for its team. We were hiring a lot of new employees, and I thought it would be a great event for everyone to get acquainted. One hundred and twenty employees arrived at the Boulevard Club to work together, paddle in sync, and participate in a light-spirited competitive race. It was great to view the cityscape from our location. We would definitely do this again.”

Ontario Hospital Association
Corporate Day, Toronto, ON, The Boulevard Club

“We had a fantastic experience dragon boating with GWN. The instructors were fun, motivating, and really got our team working together in coordination – well enough to win the race. It was such a great experience, I enjoyed it to a point I’d like to form a team and do dragon boating on a weekly basis!”
“Learning how to dragon boat for the first time was intimidating, but GWN made it easy and fun! The instructors were great teachers and made the event a ton of fun! I would definitely dragon boat with GWN again!”


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